What Is Synchrony?

Digital signage system; in which multimedia content is displayed in public places for informational or advertising purposes.


Synchrony is fully integrated in the Analytics System and HIS; dashboards are visible for different business users​

Through Synchrony you can view dynamic content, Weather information, a real-time clock, and RSS feeds​

All Content, timelines and schedules can be controlled through the Admin portal meaning that the main user can control or view a system remotely​

The Multiple group feature enables the user to play a campaign using multiple group; the user is also able to assign different items of media to each zone.​

It is easy and simple to schedule and publish your messages in any way you wish: by date, hour, day of the week or location​

Why Synchrony?

Wither it’s for record integrity or for security reasons, Synchrony is built with audit log features where you can obtain a detailed report for each user’s activity.

The WiFi independent service always offers high standard, full HD resolution.

SyncBox is an inexpensive readily available hardware that runs on almost any media player meaning that any screen can be transformed into smart digital signage.

Anything that you choose to upload is automatically adapted for perfect playback.

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