Upgrade Your Services

With MOHEMM, you now have the freedom and flexibility to manage and extend your employees' electronic services and provide them with an unmatched user experience from the palm of your hand.


International Standards

Mohemm has been built on international standards and this enables it to be marketed as a global product.

Easy Integration

Mohemm integrates with your existing HR system, be it an ORACLE HRMS or any other HRMS Suite.

Multiple Languages

Mohemm support multiple languages.

Dynamic Solution

Work assignments and delegations, password change, accrual balance and more actions are easily facilitated through user friendly dashboard


Attendance and sign out could not be easier and cost effective, forget about the hardware and associated installment and maintenance cost. Attendance can be as quick as a QR code scan.

Role Base

(Role based actions); Enabling or disabling services and dashboards at role level (employee, manager, acting manager, etc.

Fully Customize Solution

(Your Mohemm) We provide you with the ability to brand mohemm with your theme and logo using simple configurations. Instant addition, removal or suspension for services. As well as Instant reflection of business rules, validation and personalization.

What's Include In Mohemm

Human Resource
Performance Management
Learning Management
Notification Management

What's Include In Mohemm

Secure Platform

MOHEMM has compiled best practices and techniques to keep information safe and protect services when published online. OTP.


Personalization and customization features


Instant reflection of business rules, validation and personalization capabilities.


(Flexible offerings) Moheem offers affordable cost plans, with unmatched scalability. Clients can select and update the plan as their business grows.

Self-Service Management

(Self-service management for everyone) fulfill human capital management needs across industries

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