Optimizing Medical Imaging with AI Powered Rayvolve

Cloud Solutions Revolutionizes Healthcare through Partnership with AZmed​

In an era of rapid technological advancement, Cloud Solutions Company for Information and Technology partners with AZmed to stand out as a visionary leader in the IT Healthcare industry.

Cloud Solutions, with its commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of groundbreaking solutions, has established itself as a trusted provider of cutting-edge technologies in the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia. The partnership with AZmed allows Cloud Solutions to provide our clients with some of the most transformative healthcare technologies, allowing them to be in the forefront of digital transformation.

One notable solution provided by AZmed is RAYVOLVE, their AI solution for X-Rays. RAYVOLVE has proven instrumental in helping healthcare organizations, both public and private, save 27% of the time typically spent on identifying and diagnosing trauma through X-Rays. By leveraging AI technology, RAYVOLVE has also achieved a remarkable 67% reduction in false negatives and demonstrated a 12% increase in accuracy for Chest X-Rays.

With a strong global presence, AZmed has made significant contributions to healthcare systems worldwide, and we are beyond thrilled to be one of their partners here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its innovative solutions have been transforming the way healthcare is delivered and improving patient outcomes on a global scale.

The partnership between Cloud Solutions and AZmed positions both companies perfectly in the market to revolutionize the healthcare landscape in alignment with the Saudi 2030 Vision. Together, we are committed to positively impacting countless lives, both within the Kingdom and globally, by providing state-of-the-art healthcare technologies and advancing the digital transformation of the healthcare sector.

At Cloud Solutions, we firmly believe that collaboration is key to driving innovation and achieving meaningful results. By fostering strong partnerships with companies across the globe, we create an ecosystem of innovation that propels the healthcare industry forward. Together, we can tackle complex challenges, explore new frontiers, and ultimately transform the way healthcare is delivered.

As we continue to forge ahead on our mission to enhance patient care, reduce waiting times, and improve cost-effectiveness, we extend our gratitude to all our partners for their unwavering support, shared vision, and commitment to excellence. It is through these invaluable collaborations that we can continue to make a positive impact on the healthcare landscape.