The "Rowad" Training Program

The Jazan University along with Jazan Health Cluster launches the "Rowad" training program

Cloud Solutions Technology has signed a joint cooperation agreement with Jazan University and Jazan Health Cluster for the "Rowad" initiative. The aim is to train health informatics students at the university in the VIDA Electronic Medical Record (EMR), enabling them to become competent specialists. The program was inaugurated in the presence of esteemed individuals including the University President, Prof. Marai bin Hussein Al-Qahtani, the CEO of Jazan Health Cluster, Mr.Faleh Al-Shahrani, and the CEO of Cloud Solutions, Mr. Abdulelah Al Mayman.

As part of the initiative, Cloud Solutions has provided multiple training facilities equipped with VIDA Electronic Medical Record (EMR) including the required hardware at the College of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, to facilitate the training of health Informatics students at the university, so they may graduate with the knowledge to tackle real-life scenarios. The Dean of the College, Dr. Manal Ali Al-Maliki, was present during the inauguration.

Under the agreement, Cloud Solutions will train university students in the use of the VIDA Electronic Medical Record (EMR), enabling them to effectively manage health data in hospitals where the system is implemented. The training will also cover Health Information System, equipping students with advanced healthcare skills.

In a statement following the signing ceremony, Mr. Abdulelah Al Mayman, CEO of Cloud Solutions, expressed the company's commitment to creating an exemplary training environment. The company aims to provide all the necessary resources for trainees to excel in their tasks, and upon completion of the training period, they will be evaluated and career opportunities will be offered to those who pass the exams to join Cloud Solutions team.

Mr. Abdulelah Al Mayman emphasized that this agreement is a part of the company's social responsibility efforts and align with the Kingdom's Vision 2030. The goal is to enhance the capabilities of national talent and promote the localization of technical jobs. Cloud Solutions will continue organizing programs and initiatives that support young individuals and foster a promising generation that keeps pace with technological advancements.

Cloud Solutions has signed multiple agreements with universities and organizations in the field of cooperative training and employment-oriented programs. The company offers technical consultations, a wide range of digital services, and various of initiatives that benefit individuals and society. Notably, the company has employed around 27 graduates of Jazan University's health informatics program, who have contributed to implementing projects in over 40 hospitals across the Kingdom.

Training and qualifying national talent while providing them with career opportunities are primary objectives that Cloud Solutions consistently strives to achieve.